This position would be ideal for you if you are looking to be part of a fast-growing SaaS business. Truxweb is a platform for companies shipping freight to Canada and the US. Like booking a hotel online, customers choose rated carriers, schedule a pickup and book online. Shippers gain choice and control with instant quotes, real-time tracking, and daily updates to predict better prices. Carriers can fill their trucks and optimize routes, increasing profit and reducing emissions.

At Truxweb, we think in term of simplicity, reliability, and sustainability. We treat every day as an opportunity to work towards the world we want. Together we strive, with ambition, to make a difference with purpose, honesty, and vision – combining our diverse skills to shape the future of transportation. Working for a start-up can be very challenging, but also highly rewarding, fun and we know that the relationships we build in adversity are the ones that last forever. That is why we care about each other’s well-being, holding ourselves accountable, fostering trust, growth, and development.

So, get ready to seize every opportunity, take responsibility and make a real impact!

  • Myrielle Robitaille


    “ I see Truxweb as the path of least resistance toward the future of transportation ”

  • Jason Galarneau

    Founder & CTO

    “ Solving the logistics puzzle in north America will require us to leverage the latest technologies and we're putting together an elite development team to do just that! ”

  • Max Gravel

    Founder & CGO

    “ We're building one of the most dynamic teams you will ever meet! Exactly what you need to take on an industry ”